Emaho! Solutions With Soul

Emaho! is an exclamation of joy, marvel, magnificence, wonder and realisation. In Sotho the word Emaho! means "stand there".

Emaho's mission is to help those who are searching to reach the realisation of their unique magnificence. And in that splendour "stand there" and shine in their own wisdom and brilliance.
Whether you need a business intervention, guidance and inspiration as a business manager, a business team, an aspiring entrepreneur, an individual, change agent or facilitator, Emaho! has a large variety of methods, tools, knowledge and networks of professionals to support and inspire you.

Emaho! offers the following  services and products:

  • Business consulting and coaching
  • Customised design of “Strengths based organisation programmes,” including individual and team Strengths profiling
  • Customised design of Wellness Programmes
  • Customised design of self-mastery and inner leadership development programmes
  • Training and toolkits for change managers, change agents, coaches, consultants, facilitators and lecturers
  • Business vision, strategy and goal setting facilitation
  • Individual coaching
  • Creative play–shops and team development
  • Inspirational talks
  • “Know your Purpose – Live your Dreams – Play to your Strengths” talks and programme
  • Individual “ Purpose and Strengths ” Profiling
  • Life / Personal Vision, Strategies and Goals Mentoring

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